VENIFERA - red wine foliage cream 250ml

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    The active substances of the red wine foliage, horse chestnut, arnica, calendula, chamomile and olive oil to bring the immediate noticeable relief in the entire feet.

    Action 2011 bis 2015 € 18,-

    • The recipe is made without VASELINE shares, there is no gluing the skin pores.
    • Shortly after the sun poisioning tracks you how good it your tired feet and heavy legs do.
    • Very happy to be used by people who a seated, standing, but also current profession.
    • The cream has a pleasant smell and attracts very quickly into the skin.
    • You maintains the skin against dehydration and prevents scaly skin.
    • By the firming effect will receive the legs a youthful appearance.

    We recommend at least 1 times a day (morning or evening) the whole legs globalism, in order then to feel the lightness. Also very well suited for athletes!

    RESPECT FOR ACTION 2011: Per pcs. € 18,- instead of € 20.30
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